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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 24, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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(playing "chopsticks") instead of grabbing the saran wrap, hot sauce and spray bottle every time maw maw started to annoy us, we got a little more creative with our solutions. (plays classical music) things around the house actually got a little more peaceful and on those rare occasions where we had to bring out the big guns, well, sometimes that's just what family has to do. your damn pet monkey stole the last piece of taffy. (maw maw grunting) and nothing says family like squirting your 86-year-old grandmother in the face so she won't hit your granddaughter with a fireplace poker. tune in next week for the exciting conclusion. (laughs) just kidding. no, you can't stretch this crap into a three-parter. captioning sponsored by 20th television and brought to you by volkswagen.
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the storm may be over but the problems remain and tonight the repairs are just beginning in the areas hardest hit by a powerful weekend weather system. good evening i'm ken pritchett. >> and i'm jana katsuyama. frank and julyly have the night off. beyond the area people have been cleaning up from the weekends storms. and there's more rain headed our way. chief meteorologist bill martin has rain totals and a look at what's to come but we begin with ktvu's jade hernandez in east palo alto where crews try to shore up a levee that gave way, jade. >> reporter: the work continues
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tonight. this temporary levee hopes to hold the rain until the reconstruction project. but people are unsure with rain expected tomorrow. curtis and his wife left when they saw water bringing tires into yard washing away what was already there. >> we will go through this tomorrow again, you know. >> reporter: with the flood came flood insurance. >> if it does we'll just have to take off and leave again. we can't stay, we have to use common sense. >> reporter: earlier today we spoke to the executive director of joint powers authority. the regional agency made up of three cities and two counties takes care of flood control issues. >> the joint power authority has approved a project that will rebuild the whole levy system. >> reporter: it was easy to see where creek water boiled up on the other side pushing water into the neighborhood. east palo alto's new city manager said with more rain on the way crews needed to shore
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up and put sandbags down. >> we expect that this will keep us through that time, this will work through this spring. hopefully no rain and no major rains between now and then after that and then they'll start the work in the fall. >> reporter: pamela says that the first flood coincided with her first bout of cancer. >> as long as we're alive and we have something to eat, we're cool. too late to move now. the bryant family who lives here in east palo alto their home also flooded and they shared these photos with us. there's a little concern because the ground is already saturated. so if it rains tomorrow some folks are already concerned. crews are working tonight they will be sandbags through the night. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. drivers encountered mud slides in several areas today.
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this one partly blocked pine hurst. crews spent the night cleaning the debris that washed up on to the road. take a look at what we were looking at. a lot of the mud slide problems we're having are through the three day's storms. almost 2-inches in san francisco and more in the coastal hill. up to 5-inches of rain even more than that in the boulder creek area. here's what it does for percent of average. it helps a lot. 102% of average in santa rosa. 143percent of average. we're at 30, 30%, 40% of average. more rain coming. this is the next system i'm tracking it's working it's way in here. it's going to be around christmas day. it's going to bring rain but not before we see fog in the early morning hours. when i come back i'll put that all together we'll see you back here in a few minutes. it looks like a white christmas in the sierra, more than four feet of snow fell into the weekend and a new advisory warns of blowing snow
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tomorrow night. but there's a window of clear weather through the morning. right now chains are not required for cars on u.s. highway 50 or on interstate 80. chains are required on many state routs. a snow boarder is dead tonight after getting caught in an avalanche at a popular sierra ski resort. at 10:15. what we're learning about the victim and why friends say more could have been done to save him. we have new video tonight of a police chase that ended with a crash in oakland. officers spotted a stolen vehicle in san leandro late this afternoon. police chased the car to 105th avenue in oakland. that's where the car crashed into other vehicles including a police cruiser. two suspects ran from the scene police later caught them and arrested them, one suspect had minor injuries. no one else was hurt. vallejo police are looking for the driver who hit a pe -- a pedestrian then took off
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hitting a man leaving him at the scene. he receive add head injury and was hospitalized. witnesses say the suspect was racing down the street. the car is described as a black honda civic with front end damage. police are investigating why two cars collided leaving a man injured. the woman from san jose was driving the toyota camry she was pronounced dead. the other driver is still being treated for his injury. nurses have taken to the picket line. it is the eighth strike since talks between the union and hospitals broke down. and at one of the picket lines in berkeley that is where ktvu's cara liu joins us tonight. cara. the picket line wrapped up out here earlier this afternoon but tonight a strike is very much still going on out here in
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berkeley. and at eight other hospitals across the bay area. >> 65, take aways for your project. more take aways than any contract. >> reporter: striking nurses outside of alta base summit in oakland. >> it is christmas eve but we wanted to show them that they need to take us back and negotiate our contract. >> reporter: replacement is expected for a second strike in san jose. regional medical center and good samaritan. >> union busting is disgusting. >> reporter: the california nurses association represents about 54,000 nurses at the nine hospitals, this is their eighth strike since negotiations began more than a year and a half ago. >> we have not talked about any raises. we just want to keep our contract as it is. >> reporter: key issues include health benefit, sick pay and
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staffing levels. >> take aways represent a major portion of what we have worked for over the last six years of collective bargaining. the hospital has made multiple proposals regarding pensions, health insurance for nurses, the length of shift and patient safety and all of the hospitals proposals have been rejected. a spokesperson for alta base says the union has unfairly characterized the proposals and say, we simply cannot push the current contract on our patients. the strike ends at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and that is what east bay nurses will be back on the job. but because of a difference in how long replacement nurses will work in san jose, hda nurses come back on saturday. reporting live, cara lui, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are looking for three suspects in the shooting tonight that has left one woman seriously injured. police were called to east oakland around 6:00 on a report
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of shots fired on 11th avenue. the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. investigators say witnesses saw three suspects and a vehicle leaving the scene. a man living in west oakland took this snapshot of an assault weapon that was abandoned on a street after a shooting. police identify it as an aks assault rifle. the neighbor says that he heard about 30 shots fired in a shoot out between people in two vehicles. it happened around 11:00 this morning near market foster school on west street. the school was not in session at the time. police say a man injured in the shooting was dropped off at a hospital in serious condition. in up state new york, two firefighters are dead and two others are wounded after police say a gunman started shooting at them as they reported to a fire. the suspected gunman served 17 years in prison for beating his grandmother with a hammer. we have more on the deadly christmas eve attack. >> reporter: a predawn call to the volunteer west webster new
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york fire department to put out this house blaze ended in tragedy. firefighters were met with gunfire. one of the injured describe the scene in a call for help to a radio dispatcher. >> we're being shot at multiple times, multiple fires have been shot. i think it's an assault rifle. we have multiple fire, down, working fire. >> reporter: two firefighters were killed one of whom worked as a police officer, two others were seriously wounded. >> this is still an active investigation but i will say that it appears it was a trap. >> reporter: police arrived and opened fire on the shooter. authorities say the gunman who took his own life is identified at 52-year-old william spangler he had a criminal past. >> spangler is a convicted felon, he's not allowed to possess weapons. did he legally the acquire the
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weapons? the answer is no. authorities say the gunman spangler had been convicted and paroled after beating his grandmother to death with a hammer in the 80s. tonight authorities say his sister is unaccounted for after the fire. san francisco firefighters today said they were saddened and shocked about the events in up state new york. they say all firefighters share a common bond and the attack affects them all deeply. >> we share a very traumatic experiences with each other and anybody who's in this line of work understands that and we just have that connection. san francisco fires mindy townage says that the fire makes them think of their --
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tonight clogman has died. he starred on the odd couple along with tony randall. he played the slob next to randall. later he starred on the series quincy and e playing a corner detective. he won three emmy's for his work. he was 90 years old. an avalanche at a popular sierra resort turned deadly. and we'll tell you what and who led police to this waterway early this morning. a christmas tradition in san francisco we're live at a popular union square bar where volunteers are working well past midnight to give kids a happy holiday.
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crews in marin county are putting the finishing touches on repairs to a 13-inch water main that burst this morning in mill valley. the road buckled from the force of the water under the pavement and workers feared it might create a sink hole. crews say the break was likely caused by old pipes. a drunk driving suspect eluded police in marin county early this morning. police pulled a man over and
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told him to get out of the car for a field sobriety test. officers say the man ran from them, jumped a fence and hop into a creek. >> they fell for about 100 yards trying to encourage the person to come out of the swift water. they won't, they actually swam away from the officers and the officers followed him as far as they could. >> reporter: they tracked him for 100 yards in the dark as he swam away but lost sight of him in the dark. authorities returned this morning and searched for several hours but that search was then called off at around 1:45 this afternoon. a nevada county man was killed today while snow boarding at the sierra ski resort. authorities say he was buried under an avalanche. claire duan have new information on the death of steven mark marshedl. >> reporter: even at nightfall, you can see the snow. priming it for at least two
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avalanches today. friends of 49-year-old steven mark anderson alerted officials to the one this morning after a quick search. >> the other friends that were going to be in our group were looking for him and probing around but they didn't find him he was at the bottom of the cliff instead of the top. >> reporter: ski patrol rushed anderson to an ambulance but paramedics could not revive him. it was too late. >> speaking of friends he's a local guy. very well experienced. >> reporter: even the most experienced on the slopes were surprised. >> it's something i don't think about happening. >> i think that it's very sad. it's such a shame. i really feel bad for him and his family. >> reporter: others say it's the chance you take sporting in the sierra. >> i skied right past it so you know that's what the best mountain was the best terrain. but are there risks? >> accidents happen, you never know when something is going to go wrong, when someone is going to go missing. >> reporter: the danger isn't over the sierra avalanche center says there's a big
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chance skiers and snow borders would trigger more avalanches in the coming days. claire doan. a member of the alpines meadow professional ski patrol is missing after been caught in an avalanche. it was triggered by another member of the ski patrol. the blast turned out to be greater than expected and a patroller was buried in the falling snow. he was recovered a short time later and air lifted to the hospital. the area tonight has been closed off to the public. authorities have released the name of the dui suspect accused of killing a grandmother in a hit-and-run crash at twin peaks last thursday. prosecutors say 22-year-old gina yunis was intoxicated and drove a car into a group of four pe -- pedestrians pushing her into a slope. 66-year-old yao died from her injuries two other people were injured as well.
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but they are expected to survive. san jose police have identifyed the victim of a fatal stabbing outside a holiday office party. 30-year-old steve bongolan of san jose was stabbed early friday outside an office complex on oakland road where a holiday party was taking place. detectives have not released the number. a bomb squad found explosives inside his home. police were called to the home on the 1400 block of g street just before 2:00 p.m. yesterday. the walnut creek police bomb squad disposed of explosive devices and bomb making materials found inside the home. police say the suspect 53-year- old frank trout has burns on his face and hands. he was arrested on manufacturing explosive devices. marines and sailors will be
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required to take random breathalyzer tests twice a year. the new policy comes after a september study sponsored by the department of defense found that bing drinking is increasing among military personnel in all branches. happening now, santa's helpers at lefty odules have collected about 7,000 toys so far. sounds like a lot but their goal is to collect 15,000 toys for the san francisco firefighters program tonight. lefty's just told ktvu that although the number is low, the quality of the toys is very high this year. earlier organizers explained why they cherish this family tradition. >> it's christmas. christmas for kids is toys, gifts from santa, you know. they want something, they need something it just shows that we do love one another and there is a lot of joy and spirit. especially in the city of san francisco. >> lefty's is on geary boulevard at powell street near union square. you can walk in, drive up or give your toy to a cab driver.
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they'll come and meet you. the drive ends when the bar closes at 2:00 a.m. and toys will be handed out tonight in san jose by officers on patrol. san jose police will load up their cars and deliver those toys for children who need them most. >> the supply area for the san jose police department tonight looked more appropriate for santa's sleigh than patrol cars. these toys were donated by dollar tree stores for police officers to distribute to families on this christmas eve night but these gifts won't be given out randomly in neighborhoods but given specifically to children who really need the holiday cheer. >> we're seeing people at their worse a lot of times we're going out to these homes, a lot of domestic violences, a lot of disturbance. a lot of times we see frightened children caught in the middle. >> reporter: at the briefing police officers got a surprise of their own. many have participated on similar gift give aways. but tonight the dollar tree donations will make it possible for officers to hand out more
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than just individual toys, but whole bags. >> a bag full of toys, the kids that we'll see they'll have two or three brothers and sisters to share them. have some fun with their family. >> extremely rewarding just to see the look on these kids faces. when you go and hand them a bag full of gifts. >> reporter: for a police department who had a rough 2012 officers acknowledge this toy give away is a good way to end a bad year. >> people tend to focus on the negative they look at the crime stats, they look at our staffing levels within the police department. what this is about has nothing to do with that. >> reporter: officers say they plan to hand out the bags at various times. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu news. and in four minutes, feeding the needy. the prep work done in san francisco today to make sure thousands of people have a warm meal on christmas.
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it's going to be cool out there tonight but not cold. it'll be in the 20s and 30s. my concern is for tomorrow morning as you head out to go where you're going or late tonight, the fog is going to be an issue. northeast bay and south bay inland bay valley. that's the story with the fog. the story with the morning, cloudy to mostly cloudy. rain starting to show up offshore to the north. as you get into lunchtime or so you see rain. scattered showers showing up in stinson beach and san rafael. as we get into 3:00, it kind of scattered showers for everybody right. so it starts off not so bad and the clouds increase rain by mid- afternoon early afternoon. and it continues. so when i come back i'll roll this model all the way through not just tomorrow but we'll roll right through the next few days and i'll give you an idea on what to expect for rain and temperatures. a dramatic rescue in the
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east bay. how rescuers got to this driver who is stranded during yesterday's storm. it's our duty to help out. >> volunteers get ready to feed thousands in san francisco, why organizers say tomorrow's meal is not what they're worried about. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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this dramatic video shows a rescue at del val regional park. a man was stuck on top of his pickup truck surrounded by rushing water. another officer grabbed the 58- year-old driver and pulled him to safety. the driver was then taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia. the airports were busy as
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usual in the san francisco area. clear skies kept delays to a minimum and some travelers say they were prepared to handle the christmas eve travel. >> i picked the 24th because it was like $250 less than what was on saturday and what was on or sunday and what was on tuesday. >> get here early, don't be stressed out. take our time and enjoy. >> airport managers say they expect more than 2 million passengers to pass through sfo during the holiday season. and they urge travelers to call ahead about parking because some of the long term lots are already full. it has become a christmas tradition the serving of prime rib to those in need at glide in san francisco. as ktvu's david stevenson reports it's about more than just food. >> reporter: those who showed up made friends as well as food. >> it looks like great food and i think the people will love it. >> reporter: volunteers cut
10:27 pm
cakes and mixed bags of stuffing in preparation for tomorrow's massive meal. >> there are people who are less fortunate and it falls on us to help out. >> we did have to turn away a few volunteers today, it's too much for us to have. >> reporter: ships are usually booked solid by the first week of november. glide officials say the problem lies in what happens after christmas. >> our volunteers will drop significantly on the 27th. so everyone wants to be here for the holidays and then we have regular service again the year starts and no one is able to come. >> i think we should do it during the course of the entire year but particularly during christmas. that to me is what christmas is all about. to help others. >> tomorrow 500 volunteers will serve 5,000 people offering up food and smiles this holiday
10:28 pm
season. david stevenson. governor brown used the holidays to issue pardons to some felons. being able to serve on a jury and in some cases the ability to own firearms. all of the people pardoned by governor brown have been released from custody for more than a decade without further criminal activity. most of the pardons had to do with drug charges but some included crimes such as grand theft, dui and burglary. ten days after the tragedy in connecticut, hundreds come together to pay their respects to the victims this christmas eve. the memorial is still growing at sandy hook. >> some of the gifts that i had i second guessed so now i'm changing stuff. >> why retailers say this holiday shopping season is different from year's past. give ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click the live icon and you can watch
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all of our newscasts live on our mobile device.
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continuing coverage on the tragedy in newtown. it has been ten days since the shooting in the sandy hook community of connecticut and on christmas eve the entire nation is feeling for those who lost loved ones that day. visitors paid their respects to the victims tonight with messages of support and sorrow from around the world. the town hall is now home to a memorial in honor of the 20 children and six adulted killed in the massacre. >> we just needed to do it to let everyone know that we care and that they're in our that you are -- they're in our thoughts and our prayers.
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thousands of people are calling for cnn host pierce morgan to be deported. the movement began after the native brit voiced his strong opinion on gun control calling a gun advocate an unbelievably stupid man during an interview on his show. that started an online petition to have morgan deported. so far 92,000 people signed it. the search is on tonight in lake county for a reportedly depressed 23-year-old woman who disappeared last night. kimberly marie hazelwood walked away from her home yesterday evening. deputies say they were told th hazelwood was upset and depressed. family members found articles of clothing from where she disappeared. she is said to be 5'3", and
10:33 pm
weigh 160 pounds. it appears crime is down by 15%. richmond has reported 18 homicides. richmond averaged about 26 homicides over the past decade. community leaders say aggressive tactics have helped reduce crime. a letter from richmond city manager to the mayor says the latest consultants report supports chevron's choice for technology for those pipe repairs. there had been concerns about whether the repairs would use the best technology and would be inherently safer than what the fire code requires. a leaking pipe is believed to have caused the august fire some 15,000 people complained of illness from that fire. the holiday rush was on all day as last minute shoppers hit the malls in force. as ktvu's christien kafton
10:34 pm
reports from san francisco, we will see more of that shopping frenzy in days to come. >> stand nice and tall. all right. >> reporter: while some are depending on santa claus for those last minute gifts, many grabbed bag after bag of goodies to bring home for christmas eve. some say it just doesn't feel like christmas without the adrenaline rush of shopping. >> i would like to consider myself a fourth quarter player. i step up down the stretch. and that's what i'm all about performing when it's crunch time. >> reporter: managers at the westfield shopping center say usually activity builds week by week following thanksgiving but that wasn't the case this year. >> we had really strong black friday. a great kick off. really the first two weeks of december were really strong and then it kind of lulled. it's almost like people forgot. >> reporter: that all changed as the weeks before christmas turned into days until christmas. >> literally they came back out in force this weekend. friday through today it's just
10:35 pm
been a spike in traffic. >> reporter: retailers began offering deep discounts to bring in the customers and shoppers say it's working. some even say they finished their shopping but came back to get that perfect gift. >> some of the gifts that i had i second guessed so now i'm exchanging stuff and getting things that my sister wants. >> reporter: the malls are also expecting a lot of business the day after christmas that's when people make returns and exchanges and when people start redeeming all those gift cards. most postoffices around the bay area closed at noon today and some people who waited until the very last minute got in ahead of the closure to mail holiday cards and letters. others overnights packages to get them to their destination by christmas. president obama will return
10:36 pm
to the white house on wednesday in hopes of coming up with an agreement for the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: some republican lawmakers say president obama wants the country to fall off the fiscal cliff. >> we were going to go over the cliff before, we're going to go over the cliff now because that's what the president wants. you cannot negotiate with someone who doesn't want to negotiate. >> reporter: that would raise taxes on people making more than $200,000 a year. each making a parting pitch. >> i've asked leaders of congress to work toward a package that prevents a tax hike on middle class americans, prevents unemployment insurance for 2 million americans and lays the ground work for further work on both growth and deficit reduction. >> the presidents solution of raising tax rates would still be ready for as far as the eye can see and it would hurt jobs. >> the partisan bickering has
10:37 pm
put the country on the brink of a financial crisis. >> it's the first time that i feel it's more likely that we will go over the cliff than not. and that if we allow that to happen it will be the most collosal consequential in a very long time. >> reporter: president obama is in hawaii for christmas. he says he will cut his vacation short to try to hammer out a deal with republicans. i'm andrew spencer reports. fears over if fiscal cliff dampened hopes on the stock market. on the heels of a public outcry, instagram has been hit with with their first civil lawsuit. the first action suit filed in
10:38 pm
criminal court friday stems from the company's proposal to change its terms of service. an instagramish user leveled claims against the company. instagram claims the complaint is without merit. >> thousands gather to celebrate christmas. why the pope started mass two hours early today. >> and a south american country on alert as smoke and ash rises from a volcano. the threat to people near by. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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pope benedict xvi marked christmas eve with mass in st. peter's basilica. the christmas eve mass traditionally begins at midnight but the time was moved up several years ago to give the 85-year-old pontiff more time to rest before his christmas day speech. that address will be delivered tomorrow christmas day from the basilica's central balcony. in other news of the world tonight in syria, christians went to church praying for an end to their nation's civil war. in damascus young people delivered gifts. about 10% of syria's people are christian. in syria a red alert is in effect as smoke and ash are billowing from a volcano near argen to the tine -- argentine. they're keeping their side of the border on the highest alert. the volcano is about 10,000 feet high and has not erupted
10:42 pm
in more than 20 years. in mexico city, the program is sponsoring a program that will allow people to turn in their guns and receive cash or toys. the move comes after a 10-year- old boy was sitting in a movie theater watching a movie and was hit by a stray bullet. in south africa, former president nelson mandela remains in the hospital and doctors say there's no plans to release him. doctors in texas who had once said former president george h.w. bush would be able to spend christmas at home have now changed their mind. the 85-year-old was hospitalized in houston late last month. doctors say bush has been
10:43 pm
receiving physical therapy to help him gain strength and they are optimistic he will make a full recovery. still to come, how santa is doing on his night to deliver gifts. >> and how one santa family is helping spread cheer. >> -- our chief meteorologist bill martin will have our forecast after the break.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
there's no shortage of christmas cheer for a small town in the south bay once damaged by floods. >> and ktvu photo journalist chris paxton introduces us to one family who has helped the town rebuild its spirit. >> reporter: one more. >> oh my gosh what a deal. >> here is something. >> we can get more of these. >> it's down to a science now.
10:46 pm
>> can we do this. >> 34. >> 25 now. >> a girl would be happy with a pink monkey. >> we keep track of them by age, by year. >> two, one, yay. >> the gifts we give out are from infants to 13 years old. last year we probably had 15 carts loaded up with gifts. you people are so awesome we really appreciate this. >> the kids just love meeting santa. >> he's so excited to meet santa claus right now. >> come meet santa. >> hohoho, merry christmas. >> the family gets their picture taken with santa. >> big smiles, there you go. >> merry christmas. >> are you going to ask me what i want for christmas. >> what do you want for christmas? >> a monster truck, a real one. >> we have probably about 500 children. >> we started out with five
10:47 pm
right now. >> my grandma is a go getter. she just loves what she does and she's so good at it. it's just part of her personality that's how it's gotten where it's reached where it has. >> good job pedro. >> thank you. >> we came out here the first year to do santa and i don't know it just grew on us and we wanted to come back. >> you got peter. >> one. >> an 8-year-old boy. >> a girl 12 and eight. >> no, no, wait wait. >> it's been a very small community then there was a flood a long time ago and a lot of families were put out. >> it was a scene of frantic desperation. hundreds of alviso residents trying to save their homes from flooding some people threw their bodies against the wall of water trying to keep it out. >> we did see it and one of our friends that worked at the library asked us to come out. that's how it start. >> seeing their faces light up when they see santa is something that just, it breaks
10:48 pm
me up. >> you can choose whatever you want. >> thank you sweety. >> you're welcome. >> really makes me feel special. you know i -- it's been a long time coming but it takes a village. you know i didn't do it alone. >> it gives us such satisfaction it's a gift that i think keeps giving to all of us. >> ready, big smile. >> ho ho ho merry christmas. >> that story by chris paxton. you can see this story and more from our photo journalists and our holiday in focus special. tomorrow christmas day at noon and 5:30 here on ktvu and at 7:00 p.m. on kicu tv 36. turned out to be a pretty nice day today. plenty of sunshine. temperatures on the mild side we had a chance to dry out. as we head into tomorrow the clouds increase. we get a shot of rain. the system now lies pretty far offshore. it is going to move in as we get into the next few hours we're going to see increasing
10:49 pm
clouds out there. not just high clouds but low clouds too. valley fog is going to be kind of an issue late tonight early tomorrow morning. we had it this morning, we'll have it again tomorrow morning. after the fog clears we get the high fog and the showers should star -- start in the bay area. does not look like a giant storm but it's enough it'll get you wet out there. first thing we start with is the fog in the morning and late tonight. if you're in someone's house and you're driving out to napa you're going to have problems with valley fog. so be prepared for that. then the clouds increase so today we were dry, then tomorrow the system comes in. it's scale of one to 10 it's probably about a seven. that thing on sunday is probably about a nine. rainfall accumulations quarter of an inch to half an inch. that's for most of us but if you go up in the hills you will finds 3-inches of rain in the
10:50 pm
general area. rain coming, here's how the computer model lays it out. here we are at 7:00 a.m. just cloudy christmas morning. then at 3:00 the rain starts to move into the central bay. that's when the storm really hits. then around 6:00 it's already pushing through into the south bay and we're already starting to see some breaks into the north bay. as we get into the early morning it's clearing out but in the mountains a winter storm warning will likely be in effect. we'll have storm levels that are down and maybe one to two feet of winter snow. if you're going to the mountains leave early and get out there before the storm gets out there. it'll be kind of dicey getting up there. thursday morning it breaks out but then we're talking about fog thursday morning, fog again friday morning. that's how it goes. there is a chance of showers as we get in later into the weekend. a strong chance saturday afternoon. 52 in vallejo, 52 in concord.
10:51 pm
it's not as cold as we've seen in the earlier storms. that's why the rain accumulation will be a little more significant. with plenty of clouds really right through the next five days. the really main rain we're looking at will be tomorrow afternoon. after that scattered showers toward the weekend. >> all right, santa claus catches a break. >> nice working with you guys. >> same here. your children may be wondering where santa claus is right now. norad has the answer. the aero space agency has been tracking santa for more than 50 years and now it's gone high tech. according to global santa cams st. nick left europe at about 7:00 p.m. covered south america in a jiffy and is making its way to california. to see santa's progress go to >> santa claus on a move. we'll take one last look at
10:52 pm
lefty o' doules. that's where a toy drive is under way. we'll tell you how many toys have been collected so far.
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
bar where santa's helpers have collected 5,000 toys so far a little under their goal of 15,000 but they said late tonight that their toys include big items including bicycles and other generous gifts. you can drive up or give your toy to any bar driver. that drive ends when the bar closes at 2:00 this morning. there was no joy for the 49ers yesterday. they can still essentially get what they want. >> they can get a first round bye if they beat arizona sunday and if green bay loses to minnesota on sunday. but that's to be seen. meanwhile 49ers head coach jim harbaugh he can be charming or he can give you a cold shoulder that makes you just want to shiver. and after last night's total break down in seattle, harbaugh was not in the holiday spirit. tight end vernon davis he left
10:56 pm
the game in the first quarter after cam chancellor t-bones him. manningham gets injured. in today's press conference harbaugh went right to his coach speak mode. >> i don't think anybody looks back at this and feels like it was good enough. they had success in different areas. we're going to move forward no explanations, no excuses necessary. >> we'll reorganize we'll refit, we'll regroup. >> yeah, jim was tight lipped today but one of his former stanford players defensive back sherman accused harbaugh at honking his car at their bus. they felt harbaugh was being
10:57 pm
disrespectful back then and that's why they wanted to run up the score last night but coach pete carol repod the idea. harbaugh says he saw the bus that night. carson palmer joined rich gammond as the only two raiders to throw for 5,000 yards in a single season. then just minutes after that accomplished feat. palmer gets hammered and suffers some broken ribs. then one day after the indianapolis colts won, coach pagano returns. his recovery was an inspiration to the team. they went 1-3 against interim coach bruce. >> when i asked bruce to take over i said you have to kick some you know what and you have
10:58 pm
to do great. but dam bruce you had to go win nine games. tough act to follow. tough act to follow. hey guys want to play in a christmas eve bowl game it's in hawaii. that's a pretty easy sell for southern methodist university jones. flattens fresno state tonight. the first one a 69-yarder. then haden takes this one back 83 yards. smu wins the hawaii bowl 43-10 over fresno state. and that is sports as we see it for this christmas eve. >> thank you fred. and from all of us happy holidays. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good night.
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